Virtual Desktops with IT Support for Financial Advisors

Make your financial services firm’s operations more flexible and efficient with virtual desktops
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Serve your customers anytime and from anywhere

Waiting to physically access on-premises IT systems can cost your financial firm precious time that directly impacts the value of your services. Customers won’t appreciate losing out on financial returns because your team wasted time getting back to their workspace, so why limit your organization to working on inconvenient, on-premises hardware? Work with the team at Advisor Desktops to migrate your entire IT system to a more versatile virtual desktop setup instead.
These powerful virtual systems give your employees the ability to execute even the most complex and processor-intensive workloads from anywhere. Advisor Desktops will set up and manage a personalized virtual desktop infrastructure for your financial firm, using the latest technology solutions from trusted vendors such as Microsoft, so all you need to do is reap the benefits. Whether it is performing round-the-clock monitoring or completing tasks on the go, your flexible new operations will be able to keep up with even the most demanding schedules and workloads.

Here’s why you should choose Advisor Desktops as your Virtual Desktop service provider in Baltimore

Enjoy powerful virtual desktop solutions that are custom-made to support your financial firm’s operations

Enjoy a seamless migration process that doesn’t disrupt your ongoing business activities

Use services and platforms from the best technology companies like Microsoft

React quickly to financial events on the go with powerful virtual desktop solutions from anywhere at any time

Keep your confidential data safe on secure cloud networks and restore any lost data from our reliable data backup systems

Count on predictable, fixed monthly fees without any hidden costs

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Baltimore financial firms count on
Advisor Desktops for their Virtual Desktop needs

Learn how Microsoft cloud hosted desktops provide the ultimate in secure efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

Once we have set up virtual desktop infrastructure for your financial firm, you can decide which users need to join the network and they will be able to access it from any internet-connected device using the appropriate credentials (passwords, multifactor authentication tools, etc.) to gain access.
We find that when most companies are trying to scale up their business, they have an estimate in mind for how many users they plan to add to their organization. We will account for this number during our setup and give you a simple and fast way to add them to your system.
No, we customize our virtual desktop solutions to your operations. We take into account the nature of your financial business and only add the applicable tools and solutions that will boost your operations.
All our virtual desktop setups include regular data backup processes. These processes take your company’s data and securely back them up on off-site cloud storage, which can be accessed at any time you need to retrieve your data. If you encounter any crashes or issues with data loss on our virtual desktops, please contact us and we’ll help you rectify the issue.
We take security and compliance requirements very seriously and we implement the best cybersecurity solutions in all of our virtual environments. If you want specific security measures, please get in touch with our team and we’ll find a solution for you.

How will virtual desktop solutions benefit your business?

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